Where does the name 350 Come from?

The name 350 refers to 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is the number scientists tell us we need to reduce to from the current level of 400 to have a safe climate. was founded in 2007 by author, environmentalist and activist Bill McKibben and has since spread around the world to over 188 countries. Naomi Klein is a board member of and the organization is partnered with the Guardian newspaper for its “Keep it in the Ground” campaign.

Grassroots and community driven

350Vancouver, founded in February of 2015, is a grassroots-driven community run entirely by volunteers. We are focused on local issues but also support larger campaigns; we understand that people must stand together to create the big changes we want. We work together with indigenous peoples, front line activists, environmental groups, faith organizations, youth groups, labour organizations and others who share the common desire to urgently address the Climate Crisis and its root causes.