Protector Aid

Susan Marta Robertson Smyth and Pia Massie will be appealing their conviction for protesting the TMX. See their fundraising requests here.


Join us for a town hall meeting to help shape the vision for a Green New Deal for Canada. RSVP at Doors open at 6pm Thursday, May 23.

This event is one of many Green New Deal town halls being held in communities across the country in May 2019. The conversation is being led from the ground up through town halls bringing together people from all walks of life to discuss our vision for a new economy — one that cuts global warming pollution, sees the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Right to Free Prior and Informed Consent, and the TRC recommendations, creates millions of green jobs, and makes sure no one gets left behind. The input from these town halls will be used to inform a vision for a Green New Deal for all.

350Vancouver Films for Justice


Friday, March 1, 2019

Edge of the Knife: Fundraiser film screening for Unist’ot’en

  • Friday, March 1, 6:30, The HiVE, 210 – 128 West Hastings Street, Vancouver.
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  • TICKET PRICE: Sliding scale $8 / $10 / $15 +
    Cash tickets at the door. Online ticket sales at EventBrite.
  • Synopsis: Haida Gwaii, 1800’s. At a seasonal fishing camp two families endure conflict between the nobleman Adiits’ii and his best friend Kwa. After Adiits’ii causes the accidental death of Kwa’s son, he flees into the rainforest, descending into madness and transforming into Gaagiixid – “the Wildman.” When the families return in the spring, they discover Adiits’ii has survived the winter. Can he be rescued and returned to his humanity? Meanwhile, Kwa wrestles with his deepest desire – revenge. (Haida audio; English subtitles)

350Vancouver Films for Justice creates, through film, space for critical conversation and community on social-environmental justice related issues.

Films are typically screened at the HiVE at 210 – 128 West Hastings Street.

Showings are announced here:


Fossil Fuel Divestment

TD Bank Corporate Social Irresponsibility

Date: December 15th, 2017
The role of big banks in financing and, indeed driving, climate change is not well known. Canada’s big banks are heavily invested in fossil fuel projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline, Kinder Morgan and many others. Should known fossil fuel reserves stay in the ground, these “stranded assets” would be massively devalued leading to huge financial losses. Putting profit ahead of the planet, banks like TD remain amoral in their decision-making, and finance climate-destroying projects while touting their environmentalism and corporate social responsibility. Corporate greenwashing is the rule in Canada.


Nevertheless, some companies are worse than others and TD Bank as the single largest financer of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project, a major funder of the Dakota Access Pipeline and a major player it the Tar Sands is the backer of particularly environmentally damaging projects and egregious oppression of First Nations peoples. For this reason, 350Vancouver awarded TD Bank with First Prize in Corporate Social Irresponsibility at their local headquarters in downtown Vancouver while at the same time getting customers to close their accounts.



Global Climate Action

Rise for Climate – Build our Future Not A Pipeline

Date: September 8th, 2018
Part of a day of action coordinated by and the People’s Climate Movement, Rise For Climate brought hundreds of thousands of people worldwide out onto the streets in a show of leadership and people power and articulate a clear goal –  leave fossil fuels in the ground and commit to 100% renewable energy. In a year of unprecedented climate impacts including catastrophic heatwaves, wildfires and droughts, people showed they are no longer willing to wait for governments and institutions to act.In Vancouver, Climate Convergence, 350Vancouver, UBC 350 and First Nations led a rally and march beginning at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The march made stops outside the Provincial Courthouse where over 200 people were in the process of being convicted for opposing the Transmountain Pipeline. It then proceeded to the offices of the National Energy Board whose rubber stamp gives institutional cover to climate crimes in Canada.




Break Free From Fossil Fuels

Date: May 14th, 2016 
Organized by, Greenpeace and local First Nations and supported by 350Vancouver, Break Free from Fossil Fuels was a global day of action that included an action at the Westridge Terminal in Burnaby. Over 800 people participated on land and sea including a massive kayak flotilla.


Global Climate March

Date: November 29th, 2015
On the eve of the Paris Climate Conference, over 6,000 people gathered in downtown Vancouver to demand real action on Climate Change. Working closely with 350Vancouver’s allies in other organizations like Climate Convergence, BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion), the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and We Love this Coast, the mass rally and march was a testament to the strength of grassroots organizing in the region.
With over 20 years of failures behind it the United Nations Congress of Parties (COP) was urged to agree to take action in line with climate science. The Canadian government was pressed to adopt ambitious targets for CO2 reductions and to implement policies to get us there.
The Vancouver rally demanded a rapid transition to a sustainable green economy based on principles of social and environment justice as well as respect for Indigenous Rights.


Earth Day 2015

Date: April 22nd, 2018

Click to see message (Photos by Zack Embree)

The recently formed 350Vancouver marked Earth Day with a small gathering at the site of a recent oil spill in English Bay by the ship Marat.


English Bay (Photos by Zack Embree)


Act on Climate March (in solidarity with Quebec)

Date: April 11th, 2015
350Vancouver’s inaugural event was the Act on Climate March in April of 2015 took place in advance of a premiers’ summit in Quebec City and urged government leaders to take meaningful action on climate change. The Vancouver event began with a rally at the CBC Vancouver Plaza and was followed by a march to English Bay ending with a First Nations’-led round dance. Timed to coincide with the major Act on Climate March in Quebec, this solidarity event was our group’s first of many forays into on-the-street action engaging citizens to pressure governments for rapid and meaningful action to address the climate crisis. The Act on Climate March ended at English Bay in Vancouver, a site still reeling from an oil spill from the ship Marathassa three days earlier.
View this incredibly moving video from the rally by Kurtis So.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Stop Kinder Morgan: No Consent No Pipeline

Date: November 19th, 2016
Thousands gathered at Vancouver City Hall then marched across the Cambie Bridge to downtown to convey the message loud and clear “Prime Minister Trudeau, we will do whatever it takes to stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline”.In an action organized by Climate Convergence, 350Vancouver, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and numerous other groups, the speakers and the scale of the demonstration sent a powerful message across the country and to Kinder Morgan shareholders that the pipeline project faces immense and determined grassroots, First Nations and political opposition. Powerful speakers opposing the pipeline included the Mayors of Vancouver and Burnaby, MPs and First Nations’ leaders.A giant banner 130 feet long by 13 feet high saying Stop Kinder Morgan was hung from the Cambie bridge and seen around the world.In a pledge led by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, thousands vowed to do whatever it takes to stop the project. To date 26,000 people have declared that “With our voice, in the courts or the streets, on the water or the land. Whatever it takes, we will stop the Canada/Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project.”The action was also taken in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock who were subjected to state-sponsored violence and imprisonment for standing up for the water and the land and in opposition to big oil.




We > Tar Sands: Jobs, Justice + Climate Action

Date: July 4th, 2015
Canada needs a new economy that works for people and the planet.

Communities across Canada stepped up on July 4th, 2015, uniting many different frontline fights to show that we are greater than a single dirty energy project. Canada is ready for an economy that reflects our values, creates jobs, and tackles climate change.

Real climate action means investing in mass public transit, clean energy infrastructure and affordable housing. It means expanding low-carbon sectors like healthcare, education and sustainable agriculture. By taking real climate action, we can create an economy that is more fair and equal and offers hundreds of thousands of good new jobs.

We want an economy where workers win, communities have more democratic control, and those most impacted and impoverished are the first in line to benefit. An economy that honours Indigenous peoples’ rights and recognizes their role in protecting the land, air and water for everyone. An economy that respects the limits of the environment made clear by climate science. This means fighting against the expansion of tar sands infrastructure and building a better economy locally.


Kinder Morgan Oil Depot

Die-In at Oil Depot Gates

Date: May 16th, 2018 
The Kinder Morgan “Tank Farm” is an oil storage depot that was built in the 1950s in an area of Burnaby that was largely uninhabited at the time but would no longer be considered a suitable location now that the city has grown up closely around it. The proposed tripling of capacity within an already constrained urban site, on a slope and in an earthquake zone has led the Burnaby Fire Department and other experts to conclude the expansion poses an unacceptable risk to life and health of the tens of thousands who live and work nearby, and a health risk to whole region.

The Fire Department has stated that, due to the sloping site, the closeness of spacing of tanks, and the toxicity of smoke from burning diluted bitumen, they would not be able to fight a fire at this location.

The serious risks posed by the Tank Farm Expansion are described in detail in the May 2015 Burnaby Fire Department Trans Mountain Tank Farm Tactical Risk Analysis. The Fire Department’s concerns, like those of local citizens and municipalities have been ignored. The Federal Government, though well aware of the risks, is prepared for Burnaby and the Metro Vancouver region to be another sacrifice zone for the fossil fuel industry.

On May 16th, 350Vancouver and BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion) staged a “Die-In” at the Tank Farm gates to bring attention to the ongoing and unaddressed health and life safety issues of the expansion.

Following the Die-In several people, including physician Stephanie von Dehn, chose to stand in front of the gates and be arrested illustrating the depth of their concern.



Die-In at Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Date: August 22nd, 2017
The threats to life and health posed by the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm Expansion in Burnaby are well documented, most notably in the Burnaby Fire Department’s May 2015 Trans Mountain Tank Farm Tactical Risk Analysis. The unacceptable risks have been brought before the National Energy Board as well as many Federal Government departments and politicians who are well aware of the issues but remain silent. No one wishes to take any responsibility for the potentially catastrophic situation of a fire extending beyond the fence line of the Tank Farm facility.

Kinder Morgan Die-in, outside Public Safety Canada office,
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada



Of particular concern is the fact that the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale, whose agency should be coordinating an emergency plan between levels of government and departments, refuses to acknowledge widespread community and municipal concerns nor his own responsibility as a project-approving cabinet minister. No coordinated emergency response plan for Simon Fraser University and other identified “High Life Safety Areas” exists nor any evacuation plan for Burnaby Mountain.

On August 22nd, 2017, 350Vancouver, in coordination with BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion) staged a “Die-In” outside the BC/Yukon Regional Office of the Ministry of Public Safety located in Burnaby just south of the Tank Farm. Following the action drawing attention to the safety issue and lack of responsibility, a group of residents went up to the office to deliver a signed letter addressed to Minister Goodale. The office refused to open its door.

Nevertheless the letter was hand delivered by leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, to Mr. Goodale and it was also sent to his office. The letter, outlining the serious risks identified by experts, was signed by resident and student groups, unions, businesses, MPs, the Mayor of Burnaby and countless citizens, was never acknowledge by the minister or his department.



Kinder Morgan Die-in, outside Public Safety Canada office, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


Toxic Tour

Date: March 24th, 2016
This event highlighted the long-ignored risks to the community posed by the proposed tripling of capacity of the Kinder Morgan oil storage depot within a densely populated neighbourhood in Burnaby, BC. A rally and information sessions were held at the junction of Burnaby Mountain Parkway and Gaglardi Way directly adjacent to both the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm and the Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain campus. The intersection is on the only route off of Burnaby Mountain and would likely be blocked in the event of a highly toxic and inextinguishable diluted bitumen fire at the Tank Farm.The Burnaby Fire Department has stated that “we oppose the tank farm expansion on the basis that the risks to health and life safety are simply far too high. This project is completely unacceptable to the Fire Department”. The City of Burnaby has engaged in legal action to try and protect its citizens but has had safety trumped in the courts by jurisdictional issues. The Federal government, though well aware of the life safety issues identified by the Fire Department, has chosen to ignore them. By remaining completely silent on the issue, the government hopes it will continue to be overlooked.