Kinder Morgan: Everything is fine


Summary of issues:  KM Unacceptable Safety Risk (Ann Jarrell)

Dr. Ivan Vince, a consultant with extensive experience in the U.K. and Europe, prepared a risk report for the City of Burnaby. Dr. Vince said:

“The application for expanding the Burnaby Terminal would, in my opinion, have failed in the U.K. and in all probability throughout the E.U.”

“. . .the risk is already high and would become intolerably high (by my understanding of the MIACC criteria as well as the U.K. criteria) if the expansion went ahead in view of the logistical complexity of fire fighting on a congested and sloping site, the proximity of residential areas and forestry and the difficulty, in an emergency, of safely evacuating Simon Fraser University,”

Maps of areas impacted by a hazardous incident at the tank farm

Detailed documentation on tank farm hazards

Facebook event: KM Toxic Tour March 24 2017 Event (old)

  2. Dr. Ivan Vince – Opinion on Potential Off-Site Risks of the Proposed Expansion of Burnaby Tank Farm 

  3. Burnaby Fire Department – Deployment Position Analysis
  4. Etkin et al Report – Hazards to Simon Fraser University Associated with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project
  5. City of Burnaby – Risk Letter
  6. PGL Report – Trans Mountain Expansion Project: Evaluation of Risks to SFU
  7. Kinder Morgan Canada – Risk Assessment
  8. Physician’s Report – Kinder Morgan and Public Health

March 2017 Technical Report, three parts

  1. Trans Mountain Appendix A Burnaby Condition 22 – A5J1Y1
  2. Trans Mountain Appendix B1 Burnaby Condition 22 – A5J1Y2
  3. Trans Mountain Appendix B2 Burnaby Condition 22 – A5J1Y3