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Global Climate March

Join the Global Climate March in Vancouver on November 29th:  Facebook  event page; Avvaz RSVP site; Community pages: People’s Climate March; Van Climate March 2015. From the Facebook Event page: On November 29th, one day before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, people around the globe will march in the largest climate mobilisation (More...)

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Fundraising for a West Coast Voice in Ottawa

We need your help bringing a West Coast voice to Ottawa. This November, Indigenous peoples, students, parents, teachers, climate scientists and people from all across Canada are going to Ottawa to hold Justin Trudeau to his promise. For four days, we are delivering gifts, reports, water samples, petitions and messages from Canadians to 24 Sussex (More...)

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Road Through Paris

November 28th-29th & December 12th, 2015   – April 2016  – The Paris climate talks could be a turning point for the climate movement — if we push for it. Around the world people are organising for bold and ambitious mobilisations. Now is the time to get involved and show our governments that we’re not going (More...)

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Earth Day – April 22nd, 2015

On April 8th, 2015, the grain ship Marathassa spilled 2,700 litres of highly toxic bunker fuel into the heart of Vancouver’s English Bay. The response to the spill was slow and ineffective and significant amounts of oil washed up on Vancouver’s beloved beaches. While much attention was turned to the inept response to the spill, (More...)

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Act on Climate March – April 11th, 2015

The event was held in conjunction with Canada’s Premier’s Meeting on Climate Change in Quebec where there was a mass mobilization on the streets. 350Vancouver and others took to the streets of Vancouver to send a strong message to the Premier’s and other Canadians that action on Climate Change is urgent and necessary! Check out (More...)

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