Protector Aid

350 Vancouver is presently supporting two grassroots activists’ court challenge to the Transmountain injunction.

Susan Marta Robertson Smyth and Pia Massie were arrested on Burnaby Mountain in April 2018 for violating the Kinder Morgan injunction. As expected, they were found guilty of criminal contempt on June 7th and are facing sentencing on July 24th and 25th, 2019.

After discussions with their lawyer they have decided to take their Freedom of Expression / Freedom of Assembly / Constitutional Challenge to the next level, to the B.C. Court of Appeal, and from there to the Federal Supreme Court. This is an important case in that it challenges the ongoing injunction that is unduly hampering legitimate protest against the reapproved Transmountain expansion.

They need to assemble between $14,000 and $25,000 for the court costs of the appeal (the transcripts of the court proceedings alone will be $10,000). If there is sufficient interest to cover this minimum, Marta and Pia are truly committed to go the distance.

Time is of the essence as they hope to have the funds in place by July 22nd.

350 Vancouver will accept donations and pledges in trust. If the goal of $14,000 is not met by the 22nd, 350 Vancouver will return donations to the donors.

Direct donations and pledges can be sent by email to, directly deposited through 350Vancouver’s PayPal account (indicate that it is for Marta and Pia) or sent by post to:

350 Vancouver
The Hive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V6B 1G8